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Related article: Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 21:51:49 -0000 From: Malcolm Cowan Subject: After The Matchmaker Part 2AFTER THE MATCHMAKER by Magic Malcolm. ( of all, if you find the very idea of two males having sex disturbing, STOP READING now! Actually, it's a pretty pointless warning, why else would you be here anyway? Well?Still here? Good, then you came here to read this Erotic Story featuring gay men. These characters are completely fictional and this never ever happened. Unless there is some sort of a wacky coincidence. And since life is just full of wacky coincidences...If the law where you happen to live doesn't allow you to read this story, you really should stop reading. But I don't actually care. Bleah. No, if you are underage I do ask you to stop reading this now. If you don't, well there isn't nothing I can do about it, but feel a little guilty that you're breaking the law.Obviously it will help if you read the original "MATCHMAKER" story before moving onto this, the sequel! I promised not to plug my other stories...the ones in the WWF category in the Celebrity section here at Nifty...Well, damn...Vince and ShaneVal Venis and TestKevin and MichaelKing Goes HardcoreJerry's KidNow, on with this story. Part Two of AFTER THE MATCHMAKER.---Part Two - Truthfully Speaking---Wednesday 27th November 2002 - AM---What the hell does he want?!?Urgh, I'm convinced all this worrying's gonna give me wrinkles forty years too early...Stephen's already left for work, which I'll be doing quite soon too, and I could really use a comforting word. Not that he didn't try to calm me down. I was freaking out so bad last night, despite probably worrying over nothing. Stephen just about threw me into the shower in an attempt to get me to relax, and yeah it did help a little. Even better, Lolita Models Toplist when I got out there was a cup of cocoa waiting for me too. I kinda forgot all about Martin after that, mainly because I fell asleep soon afterwards in Stephen's comforting arms.This morning we had a brainstorming session over all the possible things Martin could want to talk to me about. And I really wish we didn't, looking back on it now."Maybe he really is just giving a lecture?" This was Stephen's first suggestion."Martin's a waiter, why the hell would he be giving a lecture?""Maybe it's a presentation on good waitering?""I think your brain is still asleep." I said that quite nastily, regretting it a Lolita Models Toplist little bit now."And I think you're way too tense over this. Turn around."So then I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Stephen started massaging my shoulders.You know, I think I have the most caring boyfriend ever. And possibly the best masseuse ever too, god he's amazing at that. A small moan escaped my lips under his touch."Well, what else could it be then?" I sighed, losing focus rapidly."Maybe he's got a secret crush on you." I'm convinced he was grinning as he said that."Oh yeah, like that happens in real life...little to the left.""Well, then I'm stumped. Unless he figured out about the bathroom incident..."Okay, I knew he said it as a joke, but I instantly froze, and my breathing just quickened. Stephen was quick to notice that too. "But I doubt it could be that, I mean how on earth could he know? Only you and I know, right?"He knew instantly he had made a mistake, he tried to cover it up with a hug, which turned into a mini kissing session after about 0.1 milliseconds.But still...that was all I could think about as we got ready to go off to work. Not the kissing session, the Martin thing.It sucks that Stephen has to leave earlier to catch the train. Although there are some good goodbye kisses. And welcome home kisses are great too...actually, is there ever a bad time for kisses? Realistically?God, when did I suddenly become so codependent...?I'd better go beckons, then the meeting with Martin afterwards......WHAT THE HELL DOES HE WANT?!?===Wednesday 27th November 2002 - PM---Well...that was interesting...I'm now sitting here with a big pile of paper covered in Martin's handwriting...And I'm writing a story about it...Yeah, I was pretty much "The hell?" too...Time to explain...shame those crappy flashback effects don't work in journals, I'll just use these fancy ~ thingies...~~~I stood at the door to Martin's house. Like Stewart, he still lives with his parents. Somehow I had managed to calm down a little bit, maybe it's the coffee at seems to calm everybody down. Even hyper Oliver the mail guy seems to become less hyper after drinking that stuff.I have a feeling there's something up with that coffee machine...better check it out when I get the chance.So, with 99% determination and 1% what the hell am I thinking, I knocked on the door.He answered almost instantly, not a good sign in my humble opinion. It implies he was waiting for me. Which he was, yes, but instead it implies it in a bad way.And that's when the nerves decided to kick me in the head and watch me slowly become a wreck. Oh, the fun of it all...At some point I was ushered into the house, and I sat down on a comfy chair, and was given...more coffee? Great, just what I need, a caffeine buzz. And at some point Martin produced some printed-paper and threw them onto my lap."Read that." Was all he said.And I did. And it looked something like this..."Why is it so hard for people to realize the truth about each other? I've known I was gay for years now, but nobody else has the slightest idea. I like it that way, I guess. I'm a private person, and keep my secrets to myself. Not even my best friends know everything about me. That may make me a strange person, but it's just my personality."Oh bloody hell...Actually, that just doesn't do the situation justice.CRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAPCRAP!That's a little better.After taking at least a minute to recover from this almighty shock, only one question seemed to spring to mind..."Where the hell did you find this?"Martin took the Journal entry...back and pointed to the computer in the corner."On the Internet. It was posted on some website for Erotic Stories...Thrifty, Gifty, Nafty...something like that..."Confused as hell, I had absolutely nothing to say in response. At least another minute passed before Martin spoke up again."But you know that's not the best part."My eyes slowly closed over, and I felt a killer migraine coming on. Martin continued."And with that look, I already know the truth. You really wrote this, didn't you?"I nodded feebly. Trying hard to pay attention to what Martin was saying by now was getting tougher though, as my mind concentrated on one sole fact.How in the hell did my Journal get posted on that website in the first place?"Are you even listening? I want to know what possessed you to do that to me!"One thing I do know about Martin, he can snap people back to reality quicker than anybody I know. At this point, I should point out, I was getting pretty angry at the whole situation. All I wanted was some answers.But to get them, I had to answer Martin's first."Why does it matter? It's not like we were attached at the time anyway."Uh...hello? That wins the award for most feeble excuse ever. Well done Matthew."That's not the point. You knew at the time my feelings for Stewart, and you still went and did that to me!""Uh, hello? You were the one who stuck his cock through that hole!""So I let my emotions get the better of me, big deal! The point is it was still wrong of you to do that, I don't even like you that way!"Actually, apart from the whole looking damn fine in a pair of Levi's, I had no real feelings for Martin at all. I barely know him anyway, and this must have been our longest conversation ever. And not the best of topics to discuss really."Urgh! Will you just shut up already! It was a one time thing, and I'll be damned if it ever happens again!"At that point, Martin's tone of voice seemed to alter from raging demon to timid bunny. "You don't even regret doing it, do you?"And I really didn't know how to respond. It was true that I didn't regret it, after all look what happened because of it...I'm with Stephen...And he's with his man."No. I don't regret it at all."He opened his mouth to speak, but I hushed him and continued. "Okay, it may have been wrong to suck you off knowing your feelings for Stewart, but look what happened because of it. You're with him now. You two are together, surely that's all that you want me to apologize for it? If that's the case, then I just can't, because we both got what we wanted in the end. Like it or not, that blowjob was the best thing that ever happened to you!"Okay, recapping back on that, it wasn't the best thing to say at all. I'm just glad he got the real meaning behind it, rather than what could have been so easily misconstrued from it.He sat back down slowly, "You're right. You shouldn't have to apologize. Maybe I owe you an apology for all this."I shake my head, "Of course you don't. I know how easy it is for emotions to take over. All too well."I saw him wipe away a tear; he had managed to vent all his anger somehow. We both started to calm down a bit, which led me back to the story itself."And I want you to know that I never posted that on any website. But I'm gonna find out how it happened, because you should never have found out like that."Wow, I never knew I could be so stern. Maybe my experience in Personnel is finally kicking in.About bloody time too.Martin nodded, but he seemed to have something else to say. "There's one other thing...about the story."God, what else could be on his mind...?He continued, as I remained silent. "It was really well written."The hell?"But since it is on this website now, perhaps you need to tell more of the story...from other points of view and suchlike."I remember feeling a bit dizzy at that point. Martin had produced even more printouts and had given them to me."So, here's what I remember about the whole thing. Maybe you can use that to make a better story."I was completely dumbstruck. Absolutely gobsmacked. My simple journal entry was now a story on the Internet...and now I was being encouraged to write more?Uh, the hell?I must've agreed to do it though, because I was suddenly walking back home with Martin's notes in my hands...~~~And so I guess I have an obligation to keep writing this story. I'll have to ask Stephen if he knows anything about the whole Journal on internet thing...I mean, I did show him that story, which had been labeled "The Matchmaker," he must know something about it. I guess I'll write Martin's story in that kind of format too, just to keep it the same.But did it get on there in the first place?Oh, e-mails, hang on a second...===Wednesday 27th November 2002 - A little later---Uh...okay. I don't believe this...I'll just copy down the e-mails I got...all from people who read my Journal on that website...---"Guy:I read a lot of stories from nifty and rarely do I correspond with the writer as I do now. I loved the story and cannot wait for what's to come!"---"Ciao!I liked your story...thought it was cute."---"What a delightfully light-hearted story.Thanks (for everything ;))"---No way was I receiving Fan Mail for a story I had never planned to get out! Well, maybe my journal getting posted might be a good thing after all...But still, I want to know who posted it since it wasn't me...I just don't know whether to strangle them or shake their hand...---Okay, I gracefully accept your criticisms and whatnot. Did Lolita Models Toplist I do something wrong? Tell me! It can only make me a better god, I'm going to get slaughtered...No sex at all, just one romantic massage! Ah well, the next couple of chapters might make up for that. Next chapter will be the first of the chapters from Martin's perspective. Amazingly the e-mails used Lolita Models Toplist in the round-up bit of the story are actual e-mails I got from you guys, the audience! I removed the names just in case though, but you know who you are...and big thanks to anyone else who e-mailed me with kind words. Especially Oliver (like the little mention in the story?). Love you all!Oh, and before I forget...Orlando, you write those damn stories cause I want to read them! :)
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